Health Services and Water Sanitation

TESDEF UGANDA, in partnership with Armstrong Foundation, is improving the health of communities living within Teso and Busoga regions, by improving the access to water and sanitation facilities in the communities of Teso and Busoga regions.
 The informal settlements in Morungatuny sub county Amuria district have high levels of poverty, poor housing and illiteracy. Sanitation is a particular issue. In these areas, 18% of the community does not have access to a latrine, 32% have no access to water and 96% of latrines do not have hand washing facilities. Many women who are in charge of waste disposal in their communities do not have the tools or the knowledge to collect and dispose of waste safely. This leads to the spread of diseases such as cholera, typhoid and childhood diarrhea – one of the leading causes of deaths in under-fives. With good sanitation and consistent access to healthy drinking water these conditions are easily preventable.

The Project:

1. Improves access to safe and affordable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services in Morungatuny and Kapujan.
2. Increases the use of safe water sources and improve attitudes and practices towards hygiene and sanitation.
3. Increases the capacity of local water and sanitation Community Health Volunteers and outreach workers.
4. Gives women greater confidence and skills to look after their communities and a belief in their ability to improve opportunities in life.

Our impact 

1. Direct beneficiaries: 250
2. Indirect beneficiaries: 28,928
3. Health workers trained: 27
4. Women benefitted: 8,900


Hand Washing Campaign at Morungatuny and Kapujan
As part of the TESDEF UGANDA Health Project, hand washing days have been organized throughout the year to improve awareness in the Amuria and Katakwi Villages. These campaigns have been designed to demonstrate and promote proper hand washing, as well as spread the word about the importance of good hygiene and sanitation. The locations for these awareness campaigns were at areas that had a high level of reported cases of Acute Water Diarrhea – 15 cases per week. 
The Hand Washing Campaign at Morungatuny in June 2016 was a great success. Over a month period, we were able to reach over 6,500 people and after the campaign the number of reported cases of diarrhea reduced

Kamuda in Soroti is one of the poorest and most remote areas of Soroti. Before 2015, the death rate for mothers and children was incredibly high because the community had limited access to malaria treatment and maternal health services. Until recently, there were very few health workers in the area and people had to travel a great distance to visit hospitals or clinics.
In 2015, TESDEF UGANDA started working with local communities to make positive health changes. An integrated Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) project was set up, with a specific focus on malaria prevention. The project enabled the most vulnerable members of the community to access the vital health services they need to fight one of Africa’s most dangerous diseases.
The project supports the community by:

  • Empowering people to prevent and control malaria and other diseases such as TB and typhoid.
  • Increasing access to effective malaria prevention and treatment for mothers and children.
  • Training local health workers to manage and control malaria and other communicable diseases.

TESDEF UGANDA’s approach is always community-based, providing local people with the skills they need to bring better health to their own communities. All 41 villages involved in the project have held successful Village Health Days supported by TESDEF UGANDA, with increasing numbers of participants. The days focus on educating the community on malaria diagnosis and ways to prevent malaria from spreading and are also used for general health education and environmental cleaning. 
Our impact 

  • Direct beneficiaries: 574
  • Indirect beneficiaries: 55,104
  • Health workers trained: 28
  • Women benefitted: 34,629
  • Children benefitted: 10,614

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