We value:

Godliness and Servant hood; we appreciate that every person is a gift from God and very important with this in mind, we embrace every one as distinct, unique and see to it that they have a belonging by extending a service through giving them hope in where it did not exist

Love and Care; we value relationships in our communities and strive to demonstrate God’s love, offer hope, future and a home to all

Transparency and Accountability; we embrace accuracy, honesty, integrity, good governance and acceptable work ethics with high level of standards.

Commitment; we deliver what we promise in order to foster trusted community relationships

Respect; we embrace each individuals unique talent, honor diverse work styles and believe that each one of us is an asset to TESDEF UGANDA.

Team work; ‘’No man is an highland,’’ we believe in the collaborative, creative and the diverse cultures of different individuals can push us forward.

Human rights and dignity for all; we value and uphold the generally recognized international human rights that are mandatory for the safety, care, life style, upbringing and the dignity of all irrespective of race, color or denomination and we ensure that our staff, beneficiaries and the communities are protected from abusers of human rights



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