To restore hope and a give a sense of belonging to the sick

We do;

  • Mass sensitization and trainings on HIV/AIDs prevention, Hepatitis B, Malaria, diahorrea among others

  • Guidance and counseling, blood testing and referral services of the HIV/ AIDs persons to health facilities

  • Distribution of health equipment to health units for example; Beds, treated mosquito nets

Poverty and health are closely related; without nearby health care facilities with trained staff in the region as well as access to clean water and nutritious food, communities are more susceptible to disease, malnutrition and infection. Helping improve children’s health and rendering the same to other poor community members is a key component of TESDEF UGANDA’s work, because without good health and access to medical care, children and poor community members cannot achieve their full potential and health.

Your charity giving will make our work to improve children’s/ peoples health in the communities possible.



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