Our Goals

TESDEF UGANDA is targeting to achieve the following in the long and short run:

1. Increase awareness of the plight of sidelined people in Uganda for example the elderly persons where by about, 75% of these elderly reside in rural areas, one third of them are below the poverty line and 90% of them are from the informal employment sector - implying no pension or other social security support. It is worth mentioning that in Uganda, 33% of these elderly live in areas vulnerable to natural disaster. In simple terms the greatest challenge ahead is formulating appropriate and customized responses to “caring for the needs of the elderly”.

2. Promote vocational skills development so that underserved youth, women orphans and other vulnerable children can lift themselves out of poverty since poverty prevents the enjoyment of basic human rights, security and well-being. poverty in Uganda and mostly Teso and Busoga regions where TESDEF UGANDA operates remains high due to limited access and control productive assets especially by women, limited utilization of improved production technologies, large families, alcoholism, unemployment, underemployment, lack of markets, inadequate opportunities for education and lack of information. TESDEF UGANDA is working hard to narrow the gap by promoting number of projects and activities to achieve the set goal.

3. Improve the overall health status of rural communities of Eastern Uganda ;

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