TESDEF UGANDA is a Non-Governmental and Non-denominational Organization that was founded in 2009 by Jefferson Kandi as a response to the increasing number of Orphaned and Vulnerable children and jobless Youth in Uganda. We are committed to give a meaningful life to the Community through Vocational Education and Life Skills, Empowerment, climate change and Environmental conservation, Education support, Health Care and support to Disabled persons, Orphaned and Vulnerable children, Health/HIV/AIDS services, water and sanitation, Agricultural improvement, Human Rights and peace building. We are fast in responding to aspects of need irrespective of the location in the country and our efforts have gone far in producing positive results in areas of reach. Everything we do must be built to grow.

Our process is simple; test new ideas, keep the tires so we know the successful can grow, scale what works so that more people can be served and protected, everyone can become better. We believe humans have no ceiling; each of us has the potential to become better than what we were yesterday.


TESDEF UGANDA is a product of many years of determination, creativity, resourceful and perseverance. It is focused on promoting participatory approaches to community development work and assisting people involved in grassroots development.
TESDEF UGANDA believes in strategies that introduce new ideas/services and methods of empowering the marginalized.

TESDEF UGANDA was created to respond to Uganda’s high unemployment and social crises in developmental context. As a community based initiative TESDEF UGANDA strives to actively promote the productivity and self-reliance of disadvantaged people through various health education programs, skills development and community services for sustainable development.

TESDEF UGANDA targets groups include children and youth, the girl child, women, elderly persons, the rural poor, the disabled and people living with HIV/AIDS. TESDEF UGANDA is targeting the mentioned groups because they are the most vulnerable groups of persons in the country.

TESDEF UGANDA supports the development of income generating activities (IGAS) as a vehicle for addressing socio-economic inequalities


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