OVC Sponsorship

On the side of OVCs, we are glad to report that we have been able to train 40 orphans in Income generating activities; especially goat rearing, crop production and management. We have also been able to provide these OVCs with 80 goats; each OVC receiving 2 goats.
The objective is to strengthen their ability to have improved sustainable income and meet their basic needs.
Below: Left; OVCs and the goats they received from the project. Right; some of the OVCs who received school uniform
 OVC sponsorship in Uganda OVC sponsorship in Uganda

Promotion of vocational and life skills among the orphans, vulnerable youth and women




TESDEF UGANDA believes in strategies that introduce new ideas/services and methods of empowering the marginalized.
TESDEF UGANDA was created to respond to Uganda’s high unemployment and social crises in developmental context. As a community based initiative TESDEF UGANDA strives to actively promote the productivity and self-reliance of disadvantaged people through various health education programs, skills development and community services for sustainable development.
Under vocational and life skills we have managed to  train beneficiaries, equip them with skills and startup tools in the trades of Carpentry and Joinery, Tailoring and Garment Cutting, Hair Dressing and styling, Motorcycle Mechanics, Computer Applications, Knitting, Bricklaying and Concrete Practice, Molding and crafts and Electronics as showed  below:

OVC sponsorship in Uganda
Impacting the youth through Vocational Skills- Bricklaying and Concrete Practice
OVC sponsorship in Uganda
Some of the youth and single mothers, Child mothers trained
OVC sponsorship in Uganda
Impacting the youth through-Tailoring and Garment Cutting
OVC sponsorship in Uganda
Impacting the youth through; Carpentry and Joinery
OVC sponsorship in Uganda
Impacting the youth through; Hair Dressing Course
OVC sponsorship in Uganda
Youth doing Motorcycle Mechanics Course
The chart below shows those who completed their training last year in different courses. TESDEF UGANDA was able to reach 50% of the Youth who enrolled for Vocational and life skills training in 2015.  We do this in order to promote vocational skills development so that underserved Youth, Women, Orphans and other Vulnerable Children can lift themselves out of poverty since poverty prevents them from enjoyment of basic human rights, security and well-being. Poverty in Uganda and mostly Teso where TESDEF UGANDA operates remains high due to limited access and control productive assets especially by women, limited utilization of improved production technologies, large families, alcoholism, unemployment, underemployment, lack of markets, inadequate opportunities for education and lack of information. TESEDEF UGANDA is working hard to narrow the gap by promoting number of projects and activities to achieve the set goal.

OVC sponsorship in Uganda 


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