I have the pleasure to convey my gratitude and sincere thanks to all persons and organizations who have given support to TESDEF UGANDA for the implementation of activities of various projects.

My sincere thanks go to members of  TESDEF UGANDA, community leaders, Chairpersons of Local Council V’s, Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) of Amuria, Soroti, Serere, Kumi and Kaberamaido Districts who represent the central government; and other donors most especially Armstrong foundation for the support and encouragement they have given to us.

TESDEF UGANDA’s goal is to build a strong socio-economic foundation that promotes the dignity and rights of all people; we work towards building a strong socio-economic foundation that promotes the dignity and rights of all people regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, education etc. We seek to build and shape life of the communities we work with, and continue to reaffirm our commitment to Uganda’s poorest communities that often live in slum and rural areas. Whether it’s a contribution to sustain economies and environments of the communities we serve or a fight to attain equality and dignity of all, TESDEF UGANDA seeks to interface with people of all walks of life, and their families at all points along life’s journey. While our contributions toward development of these communities make a difference in building and sustaining communities, TESDEF UGANDA also helps reach those communities by supporting the initiatives and other civic endeavors that make those communities unique.
The members of the organization have felt a concern to support the communities in the districts of Amuria, Kaberamaido, Soroti, Kumi and Serere so to promote the human rights, health, and socio-economic transformation of those districts. Though we are experiencing limitation on finance, our work has been able to influence the lives of those we have supported.

We are glad to report that we have recorded some tremendous support from the local Authorities and communities of the districts mentioned above. To our partners and potential partners, we do welcome any support that will help us transform the lives of vulnerable groups of people who live in hard-to-reach communities.
We pledge that any such assistance will surely reach these vulnerable groups. We open our doors of partnership to you our friends in development; come let’s join our hands together and rebuild our nation.

Thank you for being with us and supporting our efforts to improve the dignity and human rights of all people. We value your partnership with us
Programmes Coordinator- TESDEF UGANDA
(Addressing Stakeholders from the Districts of Operation)